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East Kimberley nature reserves plan released

Ord River & Parry Lagoon Plan


Environment Minister Bill Marmion released a final management plan for the Ord River and Parry Lagoons nature reserves in the East Kimberley, which outlines strategies to protect the area’s natural values and provide opportunities for visitors to experience these values.

Mr Marmion said the 129,500ha covered by the plan included the Ord River Floodplain Ramsar site, which supports more than 20,000 migratory birds and other species, some of which are found nowhere else in Western Australia.

The Minister said “Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve has a range of environments, including freshwater springs, grasslands, woodlands, rugged sandstone and floodplains that are also habitat for many waterbird species. The planning area includes an important breeding and feeding ground for at least 50 species of fish and provides essential habitat for the saltwater crocodile.”

The Minister said Adolphus Island, which is a significant mangrove community; and Cape Domett, a flatback turtle rookery of international importance, will be added to the reserves.

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