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‘English + alpha’ Study in Australia seminar

In recent years the growth in demand for human resources to work in the global economy has companies looking to hire talent that have not only completed English studies, but have also gained international experience in other fields. As a result, there is an increasing demand for ‘English + alpha’ training programs that in addition to language training, offer the opportunity to learn and gain work experience.

This seminar hosted by Study in Australia at the Australian Embassy on 14 May 2014, aims to provide professionals at educational institutions, international study agents and interested people working in the international study field with a deeper understanding of ‘English + alpha’ study.

The seminar includes a number of presentations, among them the results of research into the ‘English + alpha’ field in Australia by Professor Hiroshi Ota from the Center for International Education and Associate Professor Yuko Akiba from the Graduate School of Commerce at Hitotsubashi University. In addition, a recent graduate of an ‘English + alpha’ program in Australia will share insights into the benefits of their experience.

For more information on the seminar, and to register your place, please see:

Registration and admission are free.