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Quarterly mining applications reach 3-year high

Bill Marmion

Bill Marmion
Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Housing

The State Government received more mining proposals in the December quarter of 2014 than at any time since the final quarter of 2011. Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion welcomed the increase, which accompanied a lift in applications for exploration and prospecting

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) received 1,891 Programme of Work applications in the second half of 2014, compared with 1,868 in the same period in 2013, despite an overall declining trend in applications since 2012. In addition, 82 mining proposals were lodged last quarter, far exceeding the 54 proposals received a year earlier. For the full year, 3,359 mineral tenure applications were lodged.

The increases come as a performance report on new approvals showed that the DMP finalised more than 94 per cent of mining, petroleum, environment and safety applications within its target timelines during the final quarter of 2014,

  • Of 882 mineral tenure applications received, 97 per cent were finalised within the 65 working day target
  • Of 548 mining environment and safety applications received, 96 per cent were finalised within the 30 working day target
  • Of the 241 petroleum tenure, environment and safety applications, 82 per cent were finalised within the target timeline.

“These results are extremely pleasing given the department’s target is to achieve greater than 80 per cent of applications finalised within target timelines,” the Minister said.

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