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WA accepts Eiken certificate for school admissions

From 2015, public schools in Western Australia will accept Japanese Eiken as proof of English ability in their admissions criteria. Year 7-10 (equal to Japanese Junior High) requires Eiken Grade Pre-2, and Year 11-12 (Japanese High School) requires Eiken Grade 2 or higher. The change brings Western Australia admissions criteria in line with four other states in Australia.

The largest state in Australia, WA has enjoyed continuous economic growth for many years, and is known for its political stability and public safety. Complementing the beauty of the vast landscape, the State’s capital city of Perth, the fourth largest city in Australia, is recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Almost 70% of the State’s population live in Perth, known for the iconic Swan River, white beaches and beautiful parks. Perth blends a lively urban environment with easy access to the outdoors, making it a very attractive destination for international students.

The geographic proximity to Asia brings many students from the region and further afield to the State, attracted by a diversity evident in the fact that almost 30 % of the State’s population is born overseas. This diversity, a global outlook, and skilled support for integrating people from very different backgrounds all add to the attractiveness of WA as a study destination.

WA offers a range of educational opportunities, from elementary school through to university, English language school and TAFE. The schools that accept Eiken certificate as admission criteria are committed to offering special English courses and reliable support systems for international students.

In addition to special courses in English, the schools also offer special support for learning other languages, music, sports and more, to provide a high-value education focused on the needs of the individual student.

  • Enrolment: February, April, July and October
  • Number of High schools available to overseas students: ESL 6; Full-time courses 42
  • English language requirements: Year 7-10: Eiken Grade Pre-2; Year 11-12: Eiken Grade 2
  • Current number of Japanese students: 23 students
  • Estimated Tuition Fee: A$13,490 (Year 7-10)~ A$14,800 (Year 11-12)
    Estimated Cost of Living: A$12,820

For more information please see: Eiken Foundation of Japan: ETI (Education Training and International WA):