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Muzz Buzz opens in Japan

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Muzz Buzz, the Drive-Thru coffee chain established in Perth, Western Australia in 2001, has signed an exclusive joint venture agreement to open Muzz Buzz outlets in Japan. Muzz Buzz Japan Ltd (Muzz Buzz Japan), will be jointly owned by Muzz Buzz Australia (25%) Takuya Hara (64%), who will be President and CEO of Muzz Buzz Japan, and Managing Director Kazu Tohda (11%).

The agreement provides Muzz Buzz Japan with exclusive rights to all Muzz Buzz drive thru and walk up coffee franchising business operations, including warehousing and distribution, brand merchandising and other Muzz Buzz brand offerings. The first Muzz Buzz outlet opened at AEON Lake Town in Saitama on 20th March.

“We’ve been researching the Muzz Buzz brand for over seven years and we are attracted to it because of its strong character, high quality products and its brand values of fun and entertainment,” said Tohda. “This is the key factor that Japanese people will respond to. Our goal is to have the Muzz Buzz products in every family home and office, and on sale in every supermarket chain in the country. Offering Japanese consumers food made from Australian ingredients will be a strong attraction and a unique selling proposition for our products.”

Japan’s consumer market is over five times larger than Australia. The Muzz Buzz Japan team is expecting to expand massively in the next two years as the company develops new merchandise, products and services for the Japanese market.

Warren Reynolds, Executive Chairman of Muzz Buzz noted that its Japanese partners are very experienced at bringing international brands to the Japanese market, and are personally invested in the long term success of the Muzz Buzz brand in Japan.

Since creating a franchise business in 2004, Muzz Buzz has grown exponentially in Australia, with 55 locations in Australia, predominantly in Western Australia. “Muzz Buzz is one of the most exciting Australian consumer brand marketing success stories in recent years. We have worked extremely hard for over 10 years to grow Muzz Buzz into a valuable global lifestyle and consumer brand,” said Reynolds. He adds, “We now have master franchising agreements covering United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand. This deal in Japan effectively turbo-charges our growth throughout the Asia-Pacific region and will enable our brand to continue its exponential growth in the years ahead.”

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