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The EIKEN Test accepted for school admissions in Western Australia

Report on the Collaboration Agreement between the Australian Embassy and Eiken Foundation of Japan

1 July 2015

Eiken Foundation of Japan

 As part of the Collaboration Agreement concluded between Austrade and the Eiken Foundation of Japan in October 2014, with the goal of promoting study abroad, public schools in Western Australia have begun to accept The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency as proof of English ability in their admissions criteria.

◾ Public High Schools in WA accept Japanese Eiken from 2015

Admissions criteria for the public schools in WA are now in line with four other states (QLD, NSW, VIC and SA) in Australia. Currently 575 public high schools in Australia, which account for 95% of all the schools accepting foreign students, accept Eiken for their admissions criteria.

The Government of Western Australia Tokyo confirmed the acceptance of Eiken Tests as entry criteria for public schools in WA, beginning with the exams that were held in January 2015. Year 7-10 (equal to Japanese Junior High) requires Eiken Grade Pre-2, and Year 11-12 (Japanese High School) requires Eiken Grade 2 or higher. Currently 42 public schools, accounting for 22 % of all public schools in WA, accept Eiken certificate for their school admissions.

The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, especially the Interview Test with professional interviewers, is highly appreciated as a measure of speaking and communication skills among educational facilities in Australia.

Mr. Craig Peacock, Commissioner of the Government of Western Australia Tokyo said: “I am pleased to announce that public schools in WA will accept Eiken certification, which has a high profile and is a popular exam with Junior High and High School students in Japan. WA has a mild weather and there is only a one-hour time difference between Japan throughout the year. Economically the strongest state in Australia, WA is known for its political stability and public safety. Furthermore, WA offers a wide range of economic support for international students. As a representative of the WA Government, I look forward to many Japanese students starting their study life in WA.”

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Eiken Foundation of Japan:

Government of Western Australia:

Based on the Collaboration Agreement, the Australian Embassy and Eiken Foundation of Japan will continue to further promote study abroad in the future.

◾ Government of Western Australia Japan offices

For over 40 years we have made ourselves at home in Japan, forming a central pillar of continuity and growth in the strong and vital relationship between WA and Japan, both commercial and cultural. During this time we have seen Japan develop as one of Western Australia’s most important trade partners, and a pioneering partner whose commitment was a catalyst to the resources boom that the State continues to enjoy today. Our vital role is assisting Japanese companies investing in WA and Western Australian companies/ educational institutions expanding their business in Japan. Building on the WA-Hyogo Sister State relationship, our Kobe office assists expanding trade between WA and Hyogo, and investment into WA.

◾ Eiken Foundation of Japan

Established in 1963 for the purpose of “popularizing and improving practical English”, since that time the Foundation has provided various exams such as The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, Eiken Jr., Eiken IBA, IELTS, BULATS and TEAP. We also contribute to “popularizing and improving practical English” by funding exceptional research projects on English education.

Eiken Foundation of Japan: