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Expressions of interest now open for GovNext-ICT

Expressions of interest are now open for the WA Government’s innovative GovNext-ICT program, which aims to shave hundreds of millions of dollars off State Government information and communications technology (ICT) expenditure, while greatly improving services and efficiency.

Finance Minister Bill Marmion said: “GovNext-ICT is about paying only for what we use, moving away from owning and operating ICT infrastructure, so we can concentrate on delivering the business of government.” A total of nine agencies, representing 80 per cent of government ICT, are committed to the new program: the departments of Health; Education; the Attorney General; Corrective Services; Transport; and Finance, and the agencies of WA Police; Main Roads; and the Public Transport Authority.

The Minister said businesses and governments worldwide were consuming ICT as a service from private industry, with great benefit to their operations. “Given this, there is no reason for the WA Government to buy, own and operate its own infrastructure”.

“GovNext-ICT is the most significant government ICT project in WA history. It is estimated that if we continue along with the current ‘own and operate’ model, we will be forced to spend over $3 billion on ICT infrastructure in the next 10 years. It is expected that improved connectivity for government agencies in regional areas will increase delivery of more online services particularly in health, justice and education, and our long-term commitment to GovNext-ICT will prompt private enterprise to build local infrastructure that will lay the foundations for WA to become a global technology hub.”

The EOI is open until January 11, 2016.

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