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mimi duo to tour Japan in March 2016


mimi duo, a piano and classical guitar duo from Perth, Western Australia, will tour Japan for the first time in March 2016. Comprising Duncan Gardiner on guitar and Setsu Masuda on piano, each brings their own specialities to the duo to create a magical blend of music. Their repertoire includes exotic impressions from Japan and Spain, intricate works of Bach, sweet sorbets of Schubert, passionate tangos and heartfelt originals. Since their inception in 2012, Mimi duo have captivated audiences and are establishing a lasting musical collaboration through their many concert engagements throughout Western Australia. Their first international tour to Japan supports the launch of their debut album Falling Like Tears.

For more information about mimi duo, sneak previews of their new album and what you can expect to hear in concert, please go to:

mimi duo concert dates

18:30, 11th March (Friday)
Memorial Charity Concert Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
contact: 044-520-0200 (Muza Kawasaki)

18:00, 13th March (Sunday)
mimi in GG Salon – Australia-Japan friendship special collaboration
Host: Masataka Hori (mandolin); special guest artist: Noro Issei (Casiopea 3rd guitarist and composer).

12:00, 16th March (Thursday)
Lunchtime concert at the Minami Azabu Centre Hall
Host: SMS. Contact: 03-5791-3070

14:00, 20th March (Sunday)
mimi in Ichikawa Grace Church (with afternoon tea)
Contact: 047-369-7540;

19:30, 21st March (Monday) “SOLD OUT”
Monday Classic
Host: The Glee. Contact:

12:00, 23rd March (Wednesday)
Lunchtime concert
Host: Nippon Foundation. Contact: 03-6229-5111;