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WA premium wine exports enjoy strong growth


Western Australia is exporting more bottled wine than ever, with China, the United Kingdom and Singapore emerging as the key markets. Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston said the State Government had partnered with the wine industry on an international marketing campaign, resulting in a significant increase in WA’s bottled wine exports in 2015, particularly in premium wines valued at more than $10 per litre. 

The value of bottled wine exports grew 20 per cent to $40.8 million over the last 12 months, with premium wines comprising 57 per cent of exports at an average value of $15.15 per litre. “The strongest export growth markets were China, which increased 23 per cent to a value of $9.2 million; the United Kingdom which increased 19 per cent to $6.5 million; and Singapore which increased 28 per cent to $3.75 million,” Mr Baston said. The export value of premium wines also grew in all top markets, accounting for an even higher proportion of WA’s export value to Singapore (88 per cent), Canada (83 per cent) and USA (69 per cent).

Margaret River remains WA’s main exporting wine region, accounting for 66 per cent of bottled wine exports and 84 per cent of the State’s premium wine exports.  A bottle of Margaret River wine attracted an average export price of $11.52 per litre, up five per cent on the previous year and the second highest price from Australia’s 65 wine regions, behind the Barossa Valley at $16.08 per litre.

The Minister welcomed recent news from Asia’s largest carrier, China Southern Airlines, that premium Margaret River wines, Fermoy Estate Class White and Vasse Felix Sauvignon Blanc Semillon will be served on-board all return direct flights between China and Australia/New Zealand.

In 2013-14, the value of the State’s wine industry was $720 million. Since 2012, the Department of Agriculture and Food WA has partnered with the wine industry on an international marketing program to build awareness and profile the States’ fine regional wines in key markets, with WA’s small, medium and large wine businesses all contributing to exports. In Margaret River, for example, the share of exports of the 94 small, 38 medium and 9 large wine exporters by volume is 24 per cent, 40 per cent and 36 per cent respectively.