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Western Australia’s fisheries a world leader in sustainability


Fisheries Minister Joe Francis has welcomed the latest Department of Fisheries scorecard on Western Australia’s aquatic resources, with 95 per cent of WA’s fisheries assessed as sustainable. The assessment reinforces the State’s reputation for ecologically sustainable fisheries management, as a global leader in fisheries management which is reflected through the adoption of independent third party certification, using the gold standard Marine Stewardship Council.

“At a time when many fisheries around the world are over-exploited or depleted, WA has a 95 per cent success rate in sustainably managing our fish resources,” Mr Francis said. “For the remaining five per cent, these fisheries have been largely affected by environmental factors, and in some case, by fishing pressure. Active management strategies are in place to secure their recovery as early as possible.”

Speaking at a special breakfast for fisheries stakeholders, the Minister confirmed WA’s commitment to developing aquaculture opportunities to make the most of the State’s environmental advantages. “Investment-ready zones for aquaculture businesses will help grow that sector,” he said.

“The Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone is already in place, development of a new Mid-West zone is well advanced and Liberal National Government funding has been announced for setting up another zone on the State’s South Coast.”

“Our expanding aquaculture will help deliver Western Australia a new stream of export opportunities to build on the $570 million, the State already earns annually from our commercial fisheries and aquaculture products, including pearls.”

Mr Francis said that as well as exports, the WA economy benefited from the contribution of more than 750,000 people who enjoy recreational fishing each year – another reason why good fisheries management was so important. 

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