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2016 Mitsubishi Corporation WA Innovation Awards announced


Fastbrick Robotics was selected as the Overall Winner of the 2016 Mitsubishi Corporation WA Innovator of the Year Awards held in early November. Fastbrick Robotics’ new 3D bricklaying technology has the potential to revolutionise the worldwide construction industry by building homes faster, safer and with more accuracy than existing methods.

Presenting the $75,000 award, Innovation Minister Bill Marmion congratulated Fastbrick Robotics for their creativity and commercial insight in developing the Hadrian X 3D product prototype.

“This organisation is now on the cusp of commercialising the world’s first truck-mounted, fully automated end-to-end 3D bricklaying machine – an invention that truly unites innovation and science,” Mr Marmion said.

“A total prize pool of $120,000 was shared across a number of award categories, with the ideas and tenacity from the winners and finalists continuing to lift Western Australia’s innovative reach across all sectors of the economy,” Mr Marmion added.

“Now in its 10th year, the awards will include regional and remote areas of the State as an expanded flagship program under the WA Innovation Strategy. This $20 million strategy outlines the State Government’s vision to foster and expand our already dynamic innovation economy.”
Other winners at the 2016 Mitsubishi Corporation WA Innovation Awards included:

Electronic Pain Assessment Technologies Pty Ltd (Subiaco)
ePAT: an electronic pain assessment tool, which utilises automated facial recognition technology to detect facial cues indicative of the presence of pain.

Segnut Pty Ltd (Mandurah)
Segnut: an industrial grade threaded nut combined with a rapid release mechanism to allow rapid and safe nut release where otherwise stuck nuts would cause delays and involve unsafe removal methods.

The University of Western Australia and Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Crawley)

Flash flaming of seeds to improve land restoration: a device that repeatedly exposes seeds of wild plants species to a flame, in a precisely controlled fashion, to transform the ability to handle seeds that are needed to revegetate areas such as mine sites and degraded agricultural lands.

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