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Perth and WA feature in the NY Times


In a recent feature for the New York Times ongoing ‘Frugal Traveler’ series, Lucas Peterson is captivated by the attractions of Perth and Western Australia. Titled ‘In and Around Perth, Natural Wonders Abound’, he recommends “While Perth’s city center, on a bend in the neck of the Swan River, certainly has some worthwhile attractions for any budget-conscious traveler, getting the most out of Perth means getting outside — that is, exploring the outskirts of the city as well as making the most of the natural surroundings.”

He does just that, satisfying his desire to see kangaroos in the wild at Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park, and koalas, bettongs, kangaroos, wombats and even a Tasmanian devil at Caversham Wildlife Park. He saves his highest praise for a day trip to Rottnest Island, biking around the island to enjoy the beaches at gorgeous Parakeet Bay, and taking photographs of the quokka, his favourite marsupial of his trip

Back in Perth, he enjoys a dawn swim at Cottesloe beach, and a spectacular sunset into the Indian Ocean at North Fremantle. He also strolls in Kings Park and Botanic Garden overlooking the Swan River, with its gum tress and beautiful views overlooking the city, and peruses the nearby Aboriginal Art Gallery.

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