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EF Education opens ELICOS college in Perth


EF Education First to Open in Perth

EF Education First, the world’s largest private education company, will open a new campus in Perth on 1 April 2018.

The directly-managed EF Education First is a first-rate provider of English Language Courses that is able to accommodate a younger cohort of students from around the world.

The Perth campus will offer two English-language courses, the EF Intensive Course and EF General Course, introducing curriculum through interactive lessons conducted by professional teachers and state-of-the-art online study tools to enable students to rapidly improve their English Language proficiency.

The new campus is located in the heart of CBD in Perth surrounding by shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas. This convenient and vibrant location will provide students with a great environment to put their learning into practical use outside the classroom.

Established in Sweden in 1965 with the motto “Education is First,” EF Education First  has grown into world’s largest education company, with more than 500 offices and directly-managed schools in over 50 countries.