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AusBioInvest 2022 will be held in Perth at 27 October during AusBiotech 2022

During the AusBiotech 2022, 26 – 28 October, AusBioInvest 2022, Invest in Health will be held in Perth at 27 October.

At Australia’s premier and largest life sciences investment conference, AusBioInvest 2022, we want to build meaningful personal connections between innovative businesses and investors, helping great ideas get the funding they need to thrive in an extremely competitive market.

Australia has always been fertile ground for innovation, especially when it comes to healthcare and life sciences. Globally recognised for its ground-breaking research, our biotech companies have created solutions that have massively contributed to the development of the industry around the world.

With the wind in our sails, Australian and global investors are hungry for more breakthrough ideas that can be life-saving, or life-improving. Their knowledge and experience investing in this industry are valuable when establishing long-lasting relationships with worthy companies.

AusBioInvest 2022 is designed to foster growth and drive investment and collaboration, in what continues to be a significant time for life sciences and medical research.

This will be our first in-person event in over three years, and we want to reconnect the biotech community in Perth to reflect on what we’ve achieved, network face-to-face, and create relationships that will contribute to the advancement of the sector.

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