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Introduction to Study in Australia

Momoko Toyama, from the Western Australia Government Tokyo office, will speak at an introductory seminar on Study in Australia at beo in Shinjuku, on Monday 16th December.

This introductory seminar is aimed at high school and university students, and their parents, who are thinking about studying in Australia, and would like to learn more. At the seminar, Toyama-san will talk about the advantages of Perth. As a study abroad location off the beaten track, it provides a good balance of city and nature, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want to focus on their studies. In addition to Toyama-san’s presentation, beo staff will present the latest information from a research trip to Australia in November this year.

About study in Australia:

Australia has 38 national and public universities and 3 private universities. The national and public universities offer a world-leading quality of education, as the government sets the standards. Australia is a friendly country for international students, and has enacted laws for the protection and acceptance of foreign students. Australian cities regularly features in rankings for the most liveable cities in the world, providing a great environment as a study abroad destination.

Popular fields of study in Australia include:

• Tourism studies / Tourism hospitality
• TESOL (Teaching English)
• Environmental studies
• Business
• Interpretation and translation
• Therapy
• Engineering
• Nursing
• Development studies

For anyone interested and collecting information on studying in Australia, we look forward to seeing you at this seminar. You can find the latest information on the City of Perth and its universities in Japanese at the Study Perth website, Study Perth Facebook and Study Perth Twitter.

Event: You can go next year. Study in Australia introductory seminar
Who: University students who are considering study overseas
When: 2013.12.16 (Mon) 19:30 to 20:30
Where: beo Tokyo office
Map: beo access map
Registration and more information: Phone 03-5367-3315, or