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Federal approval for first uranium project in WA

Bill Marmion

Bill Marmion
Minister of Mines and Petroleum; Housing

The Toro Wiluna uranium mine received Commonwealth environment approval on 2nd April, marking it as the first uranium project in Western Australia to receive State and Federal environmental approval, and paving the way for a new industry in WA. Before construction work can begin, a range of further approvals are required, including assessment of a detailed Mining Proposal and Closure Plan by the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion today welcomed the Federal Government’s environmental approval. “As former Environment Minister, I gave State environmental approval to the project five months ago – so I certainly welcome the Federal Government’s endorsement.”

He said he wanted to reassure West Australians that the State Government was committed to ensuring that the uranium mining industry was safe and environmentally responsible. Uranium mines in WA would also meet all the relevant international safeguards in relation to the safe and peaceful use of uranium resources, and obtain environmental approvals for mining and transport.

WA currently has known uranium oxides reserves of 211,000 tonnes across around 26 deposits.