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Perth mesmerizes the New York Times


New York Times journalist Baz Dreisinger was mesmerized by the 13 sunny days he spent exploring the delights of Perth. His introduction to a long feature article in the New York Times Travel Section introduces a captivating city and a superb holiday experience:

“Conjure up a city embodying all things right about cities. Assuming you lean toward the progressive, I’ll wager your rendering includes the following: multiple parks and waterfronts; spotless subways and free public buses; restaurant menus with organic, locally sourced food and wine; cool bars in heritage buildings; and pop-up everything, from farmers’ markets to cinema and yoga.

Welcome to Perth.

The capital of Western Australia, where some 1.8 of the state’s two million residents live, left this New Yorker mesmerized: Could a city really be so easy, breezy, green and pristine — so positively liveable? I’d thought Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York) was hipster heaven; it pales beside Perth.”

Dreisinger spends his time exploring the delights of Perth, including the mix of old and new in urban villages like Northbridge, the Perth Cultural Centre complex, and fashionable and not so fashionable bars and restaurants. In his wanders he highlights the state investment program in new infrastructure and big project that are adding to the travellers delights. He also recommends spending time at the beach in Cottesloe, taking in Freemantle, a day trip up the Swan Valley, and a visit to the Crown Perth Casino.

He concludes with a concise list of Where to Stay, Eat and Drink, and What to Do.

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