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Creating and connecting opportunities

Japan has very important trade and investment ties with Western Australia. Japanese companies and investors played a pioneering role in the development of the modern Western Australian economy over the last 40 years, and that role continues to grow and deepen through Japanese participation in a number of recent major developments.

Looking outward, Japan is one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated consumer markets, and presents myriad opportunities for export-ready and focused Western Australian companies.

Assisting with inbound investment
Our offices play a pivotal role in assisting Japanese companies interested in investing in Western Australia. Our Tokyo office has extensive ties with Japanese government departments, company headquarters and market movers in Tokyo. Now in its 26th year,our Kobe office coordinates our comprehensive Sister State relationship with Hyogo Prefecture, and provides a direct portal for doing business in this vibrant economy.

Expanding Western Australian exports to Japan
For Western Australian companies looking to expand their business in Japan, our Japan offices are able to assist with all facets of business-matching and market entry. The expanding list of WA exports to Japan extend beyond the now traditional sectors of resources and produce, to include specialist and value-added products and services that may find either general or niche market appeal in Japan.

A wider list of potential exports to Japan includes:
• Resources (minerals and petroleum – LNG)
• Agricultural products including food and wine
• Education and training
• Environmental technologies and products
• Health and aged care
• Tourism

We strongly urge any Western Australian business interested in entering the Japanese market to contact us to discuss the opportunities available.

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