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WA-Japan Sister City Relationships |

Deepening cultural, educational and economic bonds

In addition to the WA-Hyogo Sister State relationship that was the first between an Australian state and a Japanese prefecture, Western Australia has been at the forefront of forging Sister City relationships between cities in the WA and their counterparts in Japan. The Perth-Kagoshima Sister City relationship was the very first for Perth with any city in the world, and the pathfinder for relationships between several cities in the state with individual Japanese cities.

At the heart of these relationships is the desire to promote and encourage understanding, develop cultural and educational exchange, and encourage trade and tourism. As the relationships deepen over time, the on-going benefits are realized in the greater understanding, connectivity and the development of further opportunities.

WA-Japan Sister City Relationships

Albany and Tomioka, Gunma
Signed: 2001

Belmont and Adachi, Tokyo
Signed: 1984

Broome and Taiji, Wakayama
Signed: May, 1981

Bunbury and Setagaya City,
Signed: 1992

Busselton and Sugito, Saitama
Signed: 1996

Fremantle and Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Signed: 1979

Geraldton-Greenough and Kosai, Shizuoka
Signed: 1998

Perth and Kagoshima, Kyushu
Signed: 1974

Rockingham and Ako, Hyogo
Signed: 1997